Saturday, October 01, 2005

Tackling Income Disparities and Tightening Grip over Media: China's Communists in a Quandary

Finally, the Communist Party in China seems to have woken up to the yawning income disparities between China’s rural and urban areas. So long, the Chinese government has been extremely successful in hiding their socio-economic problems behind the dazzling rates of economic growth. As reported in this piece in the Washington Post, the Communists seem to be worried now about the impact of growing socio-economic inequality on political stability. In other words, the Communist Party is concerned about its own longevity in power if the present socio-economic trends continue. The Communist Party is also trying hard to control the flow of information to the people of China, the latest being its attempt to limit the news and other information available to internet users. It remains to be seen how long this two-pronged strategy of managing economic growth more equitably and further tightening of political control will serve the Communists in China.


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