Wednesday, October 05, 2005

US Debates the Rise of China, Once Again

China is once again emerging as the top foreign policy priority of the US. Whether it's an adjustment in the yuan exchange rate or China's aggressive global energy diplomacy, every aspect related to China is getting closer scrutiny. After relegating China’s rise to a second-order priority for the last four years, the rise of China is again fueling debate among the foreign policy elites in the US. The latest issue of the Foreign Affairs magazine has a number of articles on the implications of a rapidly growing China. Most of the articles call for a serious attempt on the part of the US for shaping a cooperative bilateral relationship with China. But concerns are rising about the future trajectory of China’s rise and they are being increasingly articulated. It is incumbent upon India to take this debate seriously as its foreign policy will inevitably have to contend with an international environment shaped by the great-power politics of the twenty-first century involving China and the US.


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