Friday, November 04, 2005

China Opposes Indo-US Nuclear Deal: Surprised, Anyone?

China is now openly criticizing the recently signed Indo-US nuclear agreement and trying to present itself as the great votary of nuclear non-proliferation. After doing its utmost to cripple the nuclear non-proliferation regime by helping all kinds of regimes in their nuclear weapons programs, China is now worried that India might just get some benefits for being an exemplary nuclear power. China had one of the most irresponsible nuclear powers and has supported states such as Pakistan and Iran in their nuclear aspirations despite its obligations under the NPT. China’s policy has been to “work against American counter-proliferation policy until get caught, then deny charges, only to subsequently, and much belatedly, recant to say that it will not happen again.”

India has never been a party to the NPT and despite this it has a great record in non-proliferation. It is this responsible behavior that the US wants to acknowledge with the new nuclear pact with India. China’s reaction is a sign of nervousness at the newfound acceptance of India’s nuclear status in the international community. It is also interesting to note that while China is upping the ante in opposing the Indo-US nuclear deal, the Communist parties in India are also hell-bent on destroying the upward trajectory in Indo-US relations, going to an extent of opposing Indo-US military exercises.

China has over the years done its best to maintain a rough balance of power in Indian subcontinent by preventing India from gaining an upper hand over Pakistan. It has consistently assisted Pakistan’s nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs to counterbalance India’s development of new weapons systems. India’s preoccupation with Pakistan reduces India to the level of a regional power while China can claim the status of an Asian and world power. China remains the only major power in the world that refuses to discuss nuclear issues with India for fear that this might imply a de facto recognition of India’s status as a nuclear power. It continues to insist on the sanctity of the UN resolution 1172 which calls for India (and Pakistan) to give up its nuclear weapons program and join the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) as a non-nuclear weapon state.

The Indian government should keep this in mind while formulating its policies towards China. But does India have a China policy?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why India is is bent on projecting how GOOD we are kind of image. All our neighbors are following dubious polices and we are still acting like saints. This I feel is pure stupidity. Why are we also desperate for this US deal, we can get natural Uranium from some countries. Soon NPT will go to the dustbin. Then secret nuclear proliferation will be an acceptable strategy for the nuclear players. Once India is secure with nukes and civilian energy supply then India should play some strategic games. We need to have good trading relations with China but need to keep it under check. We are not against Chinese people but the Chinese rulers. We need to keep the Chinese rulers under check. China started this nuclear proliferation and Pakistan extended it by opening a retail shop for nuclear weapons and technologies. I believe India should proliferate nukes (not the technology, just bombs) to Vietnam, Taiwan and also may be to Japan. India should arm the Muslims in south west China and also rebels in Tibet. Once this Bin ladin stuff cools down India should also arm and encourage Afghans to fight for their claim over “Durand Line”. This strategy will keep Indian hands clean and there will be tactical stability for India. India need not be worried because whatever the crap our neighbors could do they have already done that. It is payback time.

Adding to this nuclear proliferation may be the answer to total sincere nuclear disarmament.

November 09, 2005 12:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the commies in india are traitors to the country and have been so since mao took power in china. whats so surprising that they oppose the us india nuclear deal. hardly surprising at all. i wonder though who they take dictation from in china today since maos death. any ideas ?

October 14, 2008 1:12 PM  
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