Saturday, November 19, 2005

The Indo-US Convergence

Ashley Tellis has played a key role in the Bush Administration's major inititiative on India. In this testimony before the Committee on International Relations of the US House of Representatives he lays out elegantly and powerfully the intellectual rationale for this development. This is in the context of hearings on the proposed US-India nuclear deal initialled during Prime Minister Singh's recent Washington visit. His basic, completely correct, argument is that the United States would be better off if Asia's rise involved a democratic and liberal India as a significant force regardless of whether India actually becomes a close ally. However, the piece (not too long) is worth a full read.
Indians and Indian-Americans who share a socially fashionable disdain for the Bush Adminstration should compare Tellis's position with that of the New York Times editorial page which seems blissfully unaware that Chinese military spending has been growing at a torrid pace for a period longer than the Times has had Mr. Bush in its crosshairs.


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