Thursday, November 10, 2005

Social unrest in China

Writing in the Financial Times (November 6th) Minxin Pei has some interesting numbers on social unrest in China:

When Chinese leaders visit foreign capitals, they usually bask in the glow of the supercharged economic growth China has sustained for the last quarter-century. But there is another growth story they prefer not to advertise: social unrest. Measured by various indicators, social tensions in China have risen to record levels. The number of so-called “mass incidents” (sit-ins, riots, strikes and demonstrations) reached 74,000 in 2004, an all-time high, and involved about 3.7m individuals. In 1994, by comparison, there were about 10,000 such incidents, with 730,000 participants. The number is rising. Already this year, the number of petitioners to the central government, a reliable barometer of social tensions in the provinces, has reached a new high.


Blogger yenyumyum said...

China alo has to face up in the future to two further social problems , 3 actually.
1. Poor male female ratio - due to policy of 1 child per family & not banning sex determination.
2.Due to sudden imposition of above rule - number of people getting into work will halve suddenly sometime into the future leaving the economy high & dry.
3.They will be a democracy - how will they cope , will bottled up resentments explode & will they go the soviet way?

November 11, 2005 8:33 PM  

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