Friday, December 02, 2005

China Faces Demographic Constraints

China’s stellar economic growth in recent years, more often than not, blinds us to the constraints that have begun to emerge in the country. A recent article focuses on the demographic constraint that China faces in the coming years. It points out that till recently, China was one of the world’s most youthful countries, with a median age of 20. By 2050 China’s median age could be 45 compared to 41 for the US. And older countries are not good at radical innovation that’s the driving force being today’s economic miracles. Moreover, China is also confronting an extraordinary demographic imbalance as there are now about 120 boys for every 100 girls in China. To counter this China will either have to attract large-scale female immigration or else it may have to face the loss of many of its young men. China will have to plan its future accordingly. However, will India’s case be any different? Is India even thinking about such potential constraints on its own economic development?


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